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Addiction Training and Awareness


Training & Awareness

Addressing Addiction offers specialist management awareness group sessions to organisations throughout the UK, where the potential of employee addiction could cause; health and safety risks, under performance, absenteeism, increased costs; inadvertent mistakes, poor judgement etc. In short, every organisation would be affected in some way if any of their employees experienced some form of addiction.

Social trends and personal issues indicate an increase in people using licit and illicit substances and addictive behaviours to help them cope with employment, family, social and financial pressures, that is; 'everyday life'.

Statistics reveal that addiction/dependency per se is increasing and recent government reports indicate that senior and professional positions are equally (if not more so) impacted by this risk.

Addressing Addiction prides itself on considering the whole picture, in order to identify the issues which lead to the abuse of substances, as a perceived way of coping. We have found that by addressing biological, psychological and social factors, we can engage the group attendees to acknowledge and manage the employees' issues in a compassionate, fair, ethical and legal way, to ensure that the organisation's procedures and protocols are followed and that staff experience appropriate support to help them deal with their addiction as required.

As professionals, we understand how important it is to feel valued and listened to when difficult situations arise. The feeling of desperation and being alone reinforces the belief that the familiar numbing of the problem will relieve the pain of the situation (temporarily) and this is considered to be the best (and only) option when faced with addressing the issue head on.

There are many techniques and skills that we use within our group sessions in relation to building trust with individuals in an empathetic and professional way and creating an atmosphere that encourages the employee to make an approach.

Our groups are dynamic, engaging, peer-led and are tailored to the needs of the organisation, whether this is specifically aimed at one area of addiction or covering addiction per se. We believe addiction goes beyond the substance and is indicative to behaviour rather than chemical affect.

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