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Alcohol Detox at Home

alcohol detox at home

Alcohol Detox at Home

If you are looking for a comprehensive and confidential alcohol detox at home service, then we can help. We deliver an exceptional service within the area shown on the map. Our alcohol detox process is a highly effective combination of medication, auricular acupuncture and counselling to deliver the best results possible.
The first stage of the process involves a consultation with our specialist doctor who is a Consultant Psychiatrist having 10 years of experience in General Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry (drugs and alcohol). This consultation will last for approximately 90 minutes.   

During the consultation, the doctor will perform an in-depth medical and psychological assessment to determine your suitability for this kind of alcohol detox process. If the doctor concludes that it is a suitable option for you, then an alcohol detox at home plan including a home suitability assessment will be prepared. Assuming everything is found to be suitable, you will be prescribed the appropriate detox medication, to be taken (as prescribed) 4-5 times per day, to reduce the impact of any painful and severe withdrawals. You will also be prescribed a strong sedative to help you sleep at night.       

The alcohol detox medication will be prescribed for a period of 7-10 days.

Addressing Addiction will also provide a highly competent support specialist having a wealth of experience in assisting clients during the alcohol detox process. Our support specialists have expertise in addiction counselling as well as auricular acupuncture. The support specialist will personally see you at your home for the first 5 days of your alcohol detox. During the initial 5 days, you will be treated with auricular acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture is a proven enhancement to the alcohol detox process. After the first 5 days are over, the support specialist will continue daily communication with you via the telephone/Skype until the prescription period has concluded.         

We would recommend our clients to opt for our enhanced package that includes addiction counselling as part of the home visits. You will therefore receive addiction counselling at home, during the initial 5 days of the detox process and subsequently via the telephone/Skype until the prescription period has concluded.

It is highly recommended that after the completion of the alcohol detox at home process, clients continue to engage with us through our standard counselling and acupuncture services in order to maximise their chances of a long-lasting and sustained recovery.    

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