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Gambling Addiction Help, Counselling, How To Stop Drinking


Addiction Counselling

Addressing Addiction offers confidential face to face addiction counselling, delivered by experienced, qualified and professionally registered staff, who are specialists in addiction. These sessions offer support and solutions to anyone experiencing the effects of addiction / dependency.

We provide counselling for drugs, alcohol, gambling, anorexia, bulimia, sex  and misuse of legal / prescription medication.

We use an eclectic range of techniques to address the addiction(s), all of which are centred around; biological, psychological and social factors and are proven to enhance awareness, acceptance and action to live a life free from addiction.

Whether the dependency began as a coping mechanism to deal with a trauma or whether it originated as a social pleasure that escalated out of control, we can help.

Unfortunately, no one is exempt from the potential of addiction and, in our experience; most people lose possessions, employment, relationships and friends with the escalation of their addiction.

Addiction can be secretive, however the physical and social effects are not. We work on addressing entrenched behaviours associated with the addiction; which requires reflecting on core behaviours and finding safe alternatives and coping strategies to reverse these. Complex cognitive and behavioural work around issues will be difficult and painful to address, however our ethos is; that we do not and will not 'put a plaster on it'; we go deep into the core and treat the issue in its entirety. We treat everyone as individuals with unique issues and needs.

It is not by accident that addiction is placed within mental health services and therefore, it is essential that you are provided with accurate information and realistic techniques, delivered by highly qualified and experienced counsellors.

We work initially on a 6 session basis. The first session will involve completing an assessment guided by the counsellor to highlight core issues and needs. These will be re-visited and re-evaluated throughout the therapeutic process.

If you would like to speak to someone in confidence about for example, seeking gambling addiction help or help with how to stop drinking or dealing with the impact of drugs, or sex then please call the number below (at any time) or if you prefer, send an email to gail@addressingaddiction.com

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